New version of Carlson SurvCE 6.0 and SurvPC 6.0 announced

New version of Carlson SurvCE 6.0 and SurvPC 6.0 announced

Carlson Software Inc. announced the release of a new version of the popular surveying software Carlson SurvCE 6.0 for controllers and Carlson SurvPC 6.0 for rugged tablets and laptops.

The new version of the software includes several new features and enhancements, and introduces a new optional paid Hybrid+ module that allows users to survey using both a GPS receiver and a total station in the same project.

The new features in version 6.0 are as follows:

GIS Inspector – Allows you to easily view GIS attributes when selecting points on the map and prompts for attributes when saving points from the map window. SurfaceInspector - Allows you to easily get the deviations of the design and actual heights for performing vertical site planning. ObstructedPointStakeout - An improved stakeout method for staking out a hard-to-reach point in azimuth and distance up to two points. AutomaticBacksiteCheck - Button to check the backsight, allows you to measure the position and get an error report at any time New voice prompts for the stake out process in SurvPC 6.0 release allow users to focus on shooting.

SurvCE 6.0 provides the ability to use Google, Open Street, or Esri maps as a backdrop. Some icons in the shooting window have also been improved. The tool status icon is now available on all screens, showing connection status and fixed position, and the Search icon now offers all available search options.

Upgrading to 6.0 is subject to a fee. For commercial information, please contact the managers of our company.