NovAtel Inc.

NovAtel Inc. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is one of the world leaders in the field of development, production and implementation of technologies, components and complexes related to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (Global Navigation Satellite System or GNSS). Territorially, the company is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The company is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard and produces high-quality OEM modules, GNSS receivers, GNSS antennas, software for processing the results of GNSS measurements, and also provides comprehensive integration of GNSS with inertial navigation system technologies. The company's products are widely used around the world for geodetic and hydrographic surveying, GIS support and aerial photography, in the tasks of high-precision agriculture and mechanism control, in solving the tasks of unified time systems, as well as in aviation and marine transport. Receivers of NovAtel Inc. are actively used in wide area and local GNSS functional supplements in the USA (WAAS/LAAS), Japan (MSAS), Europe (EGNOS), China and India. The company's strategic policy is aimed at offering highly effective basic solutions for TOP manufacturers of GNSS equipment. In addition, the company is making great efforts to meet the wide demand for integration equipment, offering the best performance/cost solutions on the market. Recently, NovAtel Inc. belongs to the HEXAGON group of companies (Sweden)