South Surveying & Mapping Instruments

South Surveying & Mapping Instruments is a leading professional industrial enterprise in mainland China. It includes five subsidiary factories specializing in the production and sale of nine types of geodetic equipment, such as: GNSS systems, electronic total stations, theodolites, rangefinders, optical levels, laser plane builders, various accessories (reflectors, milestones, adapters and etc.), as well as software. The number of engineers and employees of the company exceeds 1,800 people, the scope of the company's activities covers 30 provinces of the PRC and has more than 150 municipal offices, as well as hundreds of authorized dealers in China. The annual sales volume of the company is more than 20,000 electronic total stations, 30,000 electronic theodolites, more than 2,000 sets of GNSS systems and more than 3,000 licensed copies of the software. Such sales volumes are a powerful force in the modern geodetic equipment market. Not sparing efforts in the field of international market research, in recent years SOUTH has developed a network of distributors in more than 80 countries and regions of the world, exporting a large number of instruments and equipment. The SOUTH company treats its customers with sincere love and does everything possible to improve the quality of its equipment and service in today's dynamically developing world.

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