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All geodesy and land management in one license program
Digitals software provides automation of geodetic work from processing field measurements to creating exchange files, cadastral plans and technical documentation. Does not require additional programs such as AutoCad or MapInfo. Creates graphic and text documents based on customizable templates, allowing you to automate the process as much as possible and easily adapt it to any requirements. A versatile platform with a huge set of functions. In Digitals you will be able to align theodolite and tacheometric surveys, create topographic and special maps and plans, accumulate a cadastral database, build relief models and model horizons, calculate areas and volumes, view three-dimensional maps, orthophoto plans and scanned maps, create text and graphic documentation.

Program components: Digitals Standard is the initial version of the program, which, nevertheless, contains all the main features: creation of digital maps in conventional signs, reading and writing of In4, XML and other formats, relief modeling, calculation of areas and volumes, printing of state documents and other graphic documents.

Digitals Professional, in addition, allows you to work with raster images, as well as store maps on the SQL server, with the possibility of simultaneous access to many users. There are also a number of add-on modules that can be used with both Digitals Standard and Digitals Professional.

Additional modules:

Geodesy module - processing of geodetic measurements. Allows you to import data from most electronic surveyor files or manually enter measurements into the log, building various types of theodolite movements, performing joint alignments and issuing reports based on the results. Control errors in input data with the possibility of measuring correction. The picket coordinates obtained from the alignment are then transmitted to the main Digitals module.

Reports module - creation of tabular and text reports. Allows you to automatically create ready-to-print documents, such as: coordinate catalog, land book, form 6-zem, registration card, etc. based on the information contained in the card or swap file. Based on the Fast Reports core. Templates of all documents are customized by the user. It is possible to create your own reports and documents. Contains a built-in language that allows additional processing of data when generating a report. The module fully automates the issuance of technical documentation for a land plot.

The Topotracer module is a semi-automatic vector. Vector is optimized for digographic elements such as horizontal, point contours, elevation marks, etc. It is used for semi-automation of vectorization of various schemes and plans. Allows vectorization without preprocessing and RAST conversion to monochrome representation. Contains tools for quickly assigning horizontal height, editing objects, smoothing/thinning contours, adding semantic information. The convenient process of digitization does not require a constant transition to manual mode when passing complex areas - it is done automatically. Provides fast work with raster images of several gigabytes. Simple to develop and use.