Carlson Layout

Carlson Layout
Carlson Layout
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Carlson Layout

Carlson Layout is an optimized Android-based solution that provides fast and efficient layout capabilities for construction professionals using total stations and GNSS receivers.
ANDROID BASED The Android platform provides stability and performance when working with a wide range of mobile devices and tablets. • EXTENSIVE LIBRARY OF DRIVERS With a comprehensive driver library, Carlson Layout provides the widest range of hardware options available anywhere. • Full support for DXF and DWG files through the new IntelliCAD mobile package. • Supports the full Carlson projection library. • Compatible with Carlson CRD and CRDB files. • Integration with Google Drive and other cloud storage for easy file handling. • Receive a GNSS RTK connection from a mobile phone, internal modem, internal or external radio. • Simple layout of points, lines and surfaces in two taps. • Powerful reporting capabilities. • Easy inspection of surface or fixed marks without creating points.
pasted-image-01.png Transfer CAD files in .dwg or .dxf format.
pasted-image-1.png View real-time GNSS accuracy
pasted-image-2.png Measure anywhere
pasted-image-3.png Easily jump to stakeout points
pasted-image-4.png Fast and accurate stakeout