EPSBase-7, EPSBase-7Pro

EPSBase-7, EPSBase-7Pro
EPSBase-7, EPSBase-7Pro
Base GNSS RTK station
252,150.00 uah
EPSBase-7, EPSBase-7Pro

EPSBase-7Pro is a multi-system and multi-frequency GNSS RTK station (or dual-frequency GPS+GLONASS in the EPSBase-7 version) which is made on the basis of a NovAtel OEM7 receiver module and a computer with a Linux operating system in one case.

● 555 channels receive all signals of all existing GNSS systems: GPS + GLONASS + Beidou + Galileo.
● Positioning accuracy (statics):
• 3 mm + 0.5 ppm in plan;
• 5 mm + 0.5 ppm by height;
● Output of DGPS/RTK corrections in CMR, CMR+, RTCM 2.x, RTCM 3.x, MSM, NovAtel formats, possibility of simultaneous transmission of two independent streams of corrections RTCM32, RTCM31 or raw data via NTRIP caster, TCP/IP server and TCP / IP client.
● Built-in NTRIP caster (the ability to work with many users without using third-party software).
● Maximum ease of control and remote configuration of the station through the built-in WEB interface.
● Built-in memory of 64 GB for registration of "raw" GNSS measurements, possibility of transfer of registered files to two independent FTP servers.
● Can be used both offline and in networks of base stations.
● Reliable compact design, light weight, moisture- and dust-proof performance of the receiver housing.

Standard delivery set:
• Base station receiver with power supply.
• Geodesic class antenna (from the simplest and lightest to the Choke Ring antenna, with international IGS/NGS calibrations available).
• Antenna cable of required length.
• Set of interface cables.

Equipment warranty: 24 months