Galaxy G2 (IMU) + H6 + SurvX(SurvStar)

Galaxy G2 (IMU) + H6 + SurvX(SurvStar)
Galaxy G2 (IMU) + H6 + SurvX(SurvStar)
A set of compact GNSS RTK receiver
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Galaxy G2 (IMU) + H6 + SurvX(SurvStar)

Compact GNSS RTK receiver kit Galaxy G2 (Septentrio 1760 channels, built-in IMU: up to 60 degree tilt compensation) with field controller < u>South H6 (full alphanumeric keyboard, battery capacity 9200 mAh) and SurvX or SurvStar software (Android version, Russian menu). Complete kit for field operation in RTK and static modes. The kit provides work both with individual base stations and with their networks, including VRS and work with local coordinate transformations (reception and use of corrections RTCM1021-1027 to obtain coordinates in SK63 or USK2000 directly in the field without performing calibration).

Composition of the kit:

  1. Basic device – receiver Galaxy G2 (RTK + statics, IMU);
  2. Receiver charger;
  3. H6 Field Controller with South SurvX or SurvStar licensed software (Android version);
  4. Controller charger;
  5. Carbon fiber pole, CLS25;
  6. Holder of the controller;
  7. 6-month subscription to network RTK service throughout Ukraine.
  8. Galaxy G2 and SurvX or SurvStar user manual in Ukrainian.
  9. Passport with a 24-month warranty card.

Warranty: 24 months