South AGR3
South AGR3
Leveling rail, 3 m
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South AGR3

The South AGR3 leveling rail is used with theodolites, tacheometers and levels to determine the excess by the method of geometric leveling during research work in engineering and geodetic studies, topographic surveys, construction and other works. South AGR3 leveling rail, which can be folded into one straight line and folded into a single section with a total length of no more than 1.2 m. The scale of the leveling rail has a checkerboard distribution of red and black markings, which are applied at intervals of 10 mm on the white surface of the rail. There are protective ribs on the front surface of the AGR leveling rail, which prevent abrasion of the working surface during operation. On the back of the leveling rail, a scale with a price of 1 mm is applied.

1.2 кg.
Nominal length
3000 mm.
Overall dimensions (folded)
1190 mm.
Scale distribution interval
10 mm.
Permissible deviation of the scale distribution interval
± 0.5 mm.
Permissible deviation of the length of the meter interval from the nominal value
± 1.0 mm.
Number of sections
Aluminum alloy
Operating temperature range
-20 ... +50 ° С.