NovAtel SPAN STIM300

NovAtel SPAN STIM300
NovAtel SPAN STIM300
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NovAtel SPAN STIM300

High-performance inertial module STIM300 (developed by Sensnor AS), supporting the SPAN technology of NovAtel Inc. (Calgary, Canada) - the technology of integrating inertial and satellite systems according to a closely related scheme. STIM300 contains three precision MEMS gyroscopes, three highly stable accelerometers and 3 inclinometers.


  • Commercial class gyroscopes and accelerometers with low noise level;

  • Small dimensions and weight: 39 x 45 x 22 mm - length, height and width, 55 grams;

  • Wide range of input power: from + 10 V to 30 V DC;

  • Data output rate up to 125 Hz (125 times per second);

  • High reliability of the system: a long average failure time.

    The SPAN STIM300 inertial module is compatible with NovAtel Inc. OEM6 series receivers. through the interface module - STIM-MIC. In addition, the SPAN STIM300 is available as a single case of an integrated system - SPAN-IGM-S1 - where it is combined with the NovAtel OEM615 GNSS receiver board with rover RTK function.

The STIM300 is positioned as an alternative to fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG)-based systems for industrial, aerospace, and defense applications and is best suited for stabilization, guidance, and navigation tasks. It is a key component of inertial navigation systems of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), autonomous underwater vehicles, autonomous robotic carts, remote-controlled ground robots, remote-controlled vehicles.

STIM300 is successfully used for stabilization of surveillance camera platforms, as well as in various portable devices where a small-sized inertial measurement unit is required to maintain operation during the loss of GNSS satellite navigation signals (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou).