South TRL-401
South TRL-401
Device for vertical projection
28,700.00 uah
South TRL-401

South TRL-401: Vertical projection laser device. Vertical projection devices (VDP) are designed to transmit the planned position of points to the zenith (up) or nadir (down). In the conditions of modern high-rise construction, the manufacturer of works is faced with the problem of determining the exact position of the vertical axes of buildings every day. Professional vertical projection devices allow you to solve this problem. PVP are used in the construction of high-rise buildings, structures and chimneys. They are used when installing drilling rigs, TV and radio antennas. With the help of PVP, a tower-type cooper and a cooling tower are installed, work is carried out in surveying and observation of deformations, special work is carried out during the installation of equipment and various industrial measurements.

Manufacturer – South Surveying & Mapping Instruments.

Warranty - 24 months.

Accuracy up
< 2,5 mm per 100 m (1/45000)
Accuracy down
± 1.0 mm per 1.5 m
Enlargement of the optic tube
1° 30' / 1° 50'
The shortest sighting distance
0.5 m
Laser diode
635 нm
Laser class
Range of work
uring the day up to 120 m, at night up to 500 m
Beam diameter
at 40 m - 2 mm, at 100 m - 5 mm
Misalignment of the optical axis with the laser axis
less than 5"
Time of continuous work
12 hours
Energy consumption
3 Bt
Working temperature
from -10C to +40C
PVP, case, user manual